International Christian Ministries (ICM) is an Evangelical Christian Church and ministry consisting of many worshipers from many nations living in Japan. We gather together to worship God almighty to celebrate life, beyond our nationalities and cultures. We are passionate in reaching the harvest of nations for Christ, one soul at a time.

ICM(インターナショナル・クリスチャン・ミニストリー)は, 福音派のキリスト教会であり、日本に暮らす様々な国籍の礼拝者で構成されています。私たちは国籍や文化を超えて、唯一の神を礼拝します。ICMは、キリストを多くの国々に、一つでも多くの魂に伝えていくことに情熱を傾けています。

Our next live stream worship service

will be on November 21, 2020 (SAT) 8PM JST

Thank you for joining our livestream for October.

If you missed it, you can watch the replay below. God bless!

Livestream Worship Video

We believe in the power of prayer on how it changes lives and situations based on God's Word. During these times when people are worried and anxious of the world's current situation & other needs, we are here to pray for you.

Just click the button below to send your prayer requests. We would love to connect with you.

October 24, 2020(SAT) Live Stream Worship Service

@The iChurch of ICM Live Stream Worship Service

20:00 JST Online Worship Service


2020年10月24日(土)@ICM iChurch(Website/Live Stream)

20:00 (日本時間) オンライン礼拝

November 1, 2020(SUN)

Zoom ID 634 254 7705 Online Worship Service

13:30  Pre-Worship Prayer

14:00  ICM iChurch Online Worship Service


 2020年11月1日(日)@Zoom (ID 634 254 7705)

13:30 備えの祈り

14:00 ICM iChurch オンライン礼拝

November 8, 2020(SUN)

Evergreen Chapel in Machida (2-34-12 Narusedai, Machida-City, Tokyo #194-0043)

13:30  Pre-Worship Prayer

14:00  ICM International Worship Service

*We will take extra precautions to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection during our worship service.


2020年11月8日(日)@エヴァグリーン・チャペル(〒194-0043 東京都町田市成瀬台2-34-12)

13:30 備えの祈り

14:00 ICM インターナショナル礼拝


November 15, 2020(SUN)

Zoom ID 634 254 7705 Online Worship Service

13:30  Pre-Worship Prayer

14:00  ICM iChurch Online Worship Service


 2020年11月15日(日)@Zoom (ID 634 254 7705)

13:30 備えの祈り

14:00 ICM iChurch オンライン礼拝

Wednesday Prayer Meeting

@Zoom ID 634 254 7705

20:00-21:00  Corporate Prayer Meeting


毎週水曜日、20:00~21:00 Zoom(ID634 254 7705)で祈祷会をしています

Friday Bible Study

@Zoom ID 634 254 7705

20:00-21:00  Friday Bible Study


毎週金曜日、20:00~21:00 Zoom(ID634 254 7705)で聖書の学びをしています

Step 1: Download "Zoom" app on your smart phone or computer.



Step 2: Open Zoom on your device and click the "Join" icon.




Step 3:  Enter Meeting ID:634 254 7705



634 254 7705


※一度入力すると、以降は「ICM OFFICEのパーソナルミーティング」という名前で記憶されます。

Step 4: Under Meeting ID or Personal Link Name, enter your name.



When joining Zoom, we request that you display your name so we can welcome and recognize who is joining.



Step 5: Click the Join button



IMPORTANT-Mute your audio before joining to avoid unnecessary noise.

注意: 不要な音を避けるために、参加する前にオーディオを接続しないでください。

Also, please be in appropriate and decent attire when your video is on


Ministry Scripture Emphasis for 2020


Jabez called on the God of Israel saying, Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain! So God granted him what he requested.1 Chronicles 4:10



Our Spiritual Goals for 2020

2020年 スピリチュアルゴール

The ICM vision is under girded with ministry foundational pillars.

The five ministry pillars serve as the foundational bedrock for ministry vision focus,

organizational sustainment and spiritual growth under the girding of the ICM.


40th Anniversary Celebration!

 Come and let's celebrate together the goodness and faithfulness of God

on October 2021 as ICM celebrates its 40th anniversary. 

See you all and invite your family and friends!  

Stay tuned for more information


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