PASTOR'S APPRECIATION SERVICE パスタ―に感謝の礼拝                      OCT. 29, 2017

We, ICM, hold our Pastor's Appreciation Service every year in October. This year, we celebrated another wonderful Appreciation Service. Our Appreciation Expression to our Pastor was shown by all church members. We thank the Lord for He brought us together in ICM to be a family in Christ and we exchange our appreciation and love of God one another in the house of the Lord. 



Child Dedication 献児式                                   SEP.10,2017

On this day, two Japanese families dedicated their babies unto the Lord. At ICM, special councelling and guidance is provided to every parent before their child is dedicated. This is done to provide clear understanding concerning the importance and purpose of Child Dedication. Child Dedication is not just a CEREMONY but a COMMITMENT as parents in dedicating their child. 




MILITARY APPRECIATION SERVICE  ミリタリー感謝礼拝                      MAY 28,2017

ICM is located near the US Military Atsugi Air Base and many families join in our whorship service from the local bases. Every year, in accordance with our church vision and outreach programs, we hold a Military Appreciation Service in May. This year, a special local Japanese Gospel Choir joined us in our recognition to our Military families.Their songs really blessed us. We enjoyed a wonderful time and shared in our celebration with a beautiful cake!!




International Christian Ministries 

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